Last Day of 10 cent Android Apps in Google Market

Last Day of 10 cent Android Apps in the Android Market

Goodbye 10 cent Android Apps

I will miss them but on the other hand checking the Android Market for useful 10 cent Android apps is something I can knock off my daily to-do list. Google was a bit inconsistent with the releases these last 10 days. There were supposed to be 10 apps per day for 10 days but one day there was only 9 and other days there were 11. Today, the final day, there are 12. Some apps made appearances more than once too but I have lost count as to whether there were 100 different apps released or not.

Day 6 through 10 I bought the following 10 cent Android apps:

1. Endomondo Sports Tracker PRO – I guess this is an app for tracking your exercise and motivating you to stay/get fit. I use some apps, both web and Android apps for this purpose already and I will talk about them at a later date.

2. SoundHound ∞ – I had the free version of this and I don’t use it. It is very similar to Shazam Encore which I also purchased for 10 cents. I don’t know why I bought this one really.

3. Block Breaker 3 Unlimited HD – This is one of the few games that I purchased. I haven’t looked at it yet. In fact I had already forgotten about it until I was checking which apps I bought.

4. Instant Heart Rate – Pro – Apparently it is fairly accurate but I haven’t tested it. I wouldn’t know how to verify its accuracy anyway. But it seems pretty cool.

5. Talking Ben the Dog – Yes, another one for my daughter. She likes Talking Ben. I had the free app but in the premium app Ben can do an unlimited amount of experiments which will surely decrease the frustration of my baby girl.

6. Camera ZOOM FX – Apparently it’s a very good camera app but I haven’t looked at it yet.

Well, Google is about to shut the door on 10  cent Android Apps but who knows, perhaps there will be 20 days of 20 cent Android apps when Google hits the 2 billion mark. And that more than likely won’t take very long considering that there are now about 1 billion Android app downloads per month and the number of Android phones and devices is still increasing rapidly.

What apps did you get? What are your favorite apps? Let us know in the comments!

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