Alan running in the Yokohama Marathon

My name is Alan Watchorn and I use this blog as a way to process my thoughts. I’m from Ireland but I have been living in Japan since July 16, 2001. I lived in Yokohama for about 10 years and have been living in Okinawa since February 2012. I am a permanent resident of Japan.


I have a t-shirt website (The Shirt List) where I promote t-shirts and interview artists. It is updated daily so please check it out.


I like to run. I started because running because going to the gym was a bit of a hassle. With running I am able to put on my running gear, go out the door and start.

I started running when I was in Yokohama but it was a bit of a false start. I started tracking my runs with Nike+ in July 2009 but due to a knee injury my running was intermittent until moving to Okinawa. I have been fairly consistent with my running September 2013.


When I first came to Japan I studied regularly and had many opportunities to use what I learned. I took the the Japanese Proficiency Test Level 2 four times and passed it on the fourth attempt. That was about 10 years ago. After that I pretty much stopped studying which was a big mistake. I don’t have much time these days but I study occasionally.

If these topics interest you follow my blog and let’s learn together.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Alan,
    You say you are from Ireland. By chance does your father share your first name? Do you have a connection to Sandycove/Dalkey area?

  2. Hi Allan, there seems to be a problem with company that places ads on your tshirt list site. I understand that you partner with Buysellads.com. They take the money and do not place ads. It seems that they are a fraud

    I wanted to place an ad on your site, so without realizing I was redirected to them and them. I put a review that explains what happened. From the reviews it is clear, I was not the first person with the same experience…

    I will work with my credit card company and would still like to advertise on your site, Is there any way I could do it without buysellads.com?

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