10 Cent Android Apps: Day 3

Day 3 of 10 cent Android Apps

More 10 cent Android Apps

Well, I splashed out again on some apps without taking much time to think about it. As you can see above (if you squint or use a magnifying glass) I bought three 10 cent Android apps. Check out my choices and reasons below.

  1. Talking Tom Cat 2: My 2-year old daughter loves Talking Tom but we have only used free versions so far. I thought it might be nice for her.
  2. Kids Learn to Read (Preschool): Yes, another 10 cent Android app for my daughter. Actually she likes other apps from this company but again we have only used free apps so far. I think she is not quite ready for this one yet but soon, perhaps
  3. ADWLauncher EX: This is an app to change the appearance of your OS. I Don’t know if I will actually use this yet as I am pretty fond of the Sense skin provided by HTC. If I have time though I will check it out.
What apps did you choose today?

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