Day 2 of 10 Cent Android Apps

Day 2 of 10 cent Android apps

10 Cent Android Apps

This is the second day of 10 cent Android apps. You can learn more about why these awesome premium apps are just 10 cents in the previous post but remember, they are only 10 cents today.

I thought about this offer again last night and I also realized that it was a great move by Google for another reason. Many people who have Android phones/tablets have never actually purchased an app. But this will encourage many people to make their first purchase which means they will have to register their credit cards with Google and then it will be more likely that they will pay for apps in the future. Good move Google!

As you will see, if you study the above image closely, I purchased Beautiful Widgets, AirSync by Double Twist and Read it Later Pro. I haven’t actually had the time to try them out but below I will tell you why I picked these ones.

Beautiful Widgets

I have the HTC Desire HD. I love that phone and I love the skins provided by HTC. Just the other day I switched from the standard HTC Skin to the Slate skin. I recommend it, it’s very cool and easy on the eyes. I also love the big clock and weather widget that you will see on most HTC phones but  I sometimes wish it was smaller and that is the real reason I downloaded the Beautiful Widget app.

AirSync by Double Twist

I know about this app. If you have the DoubleTwist app installed you can sync music with iTunes and if you have AirSync by DoubleTwist installed you can do it wirelessly. I don’t sync music at the moment but when I settle down again in Japan I might.

Read it Later Pro

When I lived in Yokohama I did actually read stuff on my phone sometimes and I’m not sure but I think Read it Later Pro might allow me to click some article in my web browser and then have it sync wirelessly on my phone and then if I am on a bus or something I can read the article. I don’t know if that it possible but if it isn’t, it’s only 10 cents. I haven’t read the details but I will probably Read it Later Bro. (Get it?)

Did you get any apps? Tell us in the comments.

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