10 Cent Android Apps for the next 10 days!

Google Android 10cent Apps

10 Billion Android App Downloads

Google are practically giving away these awesome premium apps. 10 cent Android apps are about as cheap as they can get. Apparently there have been 10 billion downloads from the Android App market. The rate has accelerated so much that there are currently about 1 billion downloads per month. That is hard to comprehend really but there have been more apps downloaded than there are people on the planet.

10 Cent Android Apps

Android Market Growth
To celebrate this Google is offering 10 premium apps each day for 10 cents apiece. Very cool! The apps usually cost much more but according to TechCrunch:

Google isn’t eating the cost of the discount, but instead asked the developers if they’d be willing to participate in the sale.

Still, I imagine they will see a nice increase in income and a huge boost in rankings in the Google Android Market.

I downloaded SwiftKey X Keyboard and Paper Camera. I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s offerings. My credit card bill will look strange though with all these little 10 cent charges. It looks like there will be 10 apps released each day over the next 10 days so you have to be alert if you want to get some awesome 10 cent Android apps.

Link: Android Market 10 Billion Promo

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